New York City

Finding objects of desire to furnish one's home is pretty easy in New York City. Nearly every fashionable neighborhood is peppered with unique stores that curate so painfully well that each visit evokes the desire to compulsively spend beyond one's means. For myself, the heart of this lives near the intersection of Crosby and Howard in Soho.

BDDW is more than a store, it is the highest level of craftmanship in furniture making that I've ever come across. The attention to detail found there positively overwhelms me with each visit and challenges me to be better at my own discipline. The imagination and passion is palpable the second you step into the Crosby street showroom. Curiosity is explored everywhere. A clear yet evolving vision runs throughout and when I look around I see a brand that people are not only attracted to buy from but I see a vision craftspeople are driven to be part of. Tyler Hays is the source of that vision. An artist and sculptor, he has elegantly blended art and commerce to build a world of his own to live in.

This world is one of my most treasured places to share with friends and family who visit New York as it’s always a successful gift. The experience begins with one of my favorite details: the entrance doors. Giant and made entirely of walnut it takes a bit of effort to enter. Each time I look at the thickness of those doors I feel the inherent value of the space I’m about to explore again. I love to wander the showroom’s non-linear layout one piece at a time. Some I’ve seen before but almost always there are entirely new treasures to discover. I love pulling back a side table to show visitors how the brand engraves its name on the back in solid wood. Of course it’s never some cheap piece of fiberboard but instead solid and considered like everything else it’s attached to. “God is in the details” comes to mind when I look at how leather meets wood in a perfectly seamless fashion. Or when one notices the brands signature bow-tie inlays in a dining room table or a mushroom-like stool. The brand’s genius doesn’t restrict itself to furniture. They’ve applied the same level of love and inventiveness to turntables, clocks, cups and even bows and arrows.

All of BDDW’s efforts are filled with integrity, artistry and love and it fills me with hope. In a world where planned obsolescence has become an acceptable norm it is inspiring to find a brand that is making objects that will last a lifetime and be revered even longer.

5 Crosby St, New York, NY 10013