New York

To love the work you do is a blessing, which in my experience is not easily earned nor maintained. Within the walls of Mother thrives a culture unlike any I’ve ever experienced prior to being welcomed into "her" bosom over four years ago. In my time there I’ve grown exponentially, and I attribute much of this growth to the unique environment nurtured not only by the founders, but by all the amazing, collaborative, and wonderfully insane people who work there and continuously help to make it the beautiful puzzle it is. Our guiding principles, lovingly referred to as the Holy Trinity, are as follows:

Do great work.

Have fun.

Make a living.

[In that order.]

It’s a simple enough philosophy, open to a fair amount of interpretation. And it would be easy for it to fall on deaf ears—if, in fact, it wasn’t embodied on a daily basis by the people within the building.

Mother is more than a fun, creative agency—it’s a rare experience, be it as an employee, client or friend, to be part of an independent collective that strives to make great work while genuinely caring about one another—something that would make our mothers proud.

Having said that, nothing makes a mother more proud than having her picture on your business card.

595 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY 10036



Office Photos:
Jason Schmidt